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Business Event Photography and Videography

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Professional Video Shooting

Herbayu Wellness India Pvt Ltd

33rd Pune International Marathon

Our Videographers are not just storytellers, they’re also the keepers of Your memories – which is an amazing responsibility.

We also capture important events with multiple cameras – this not only ensures that if one camera misses some critical action, it will be caught by another, but it also makes for much more enjoyable viewing.

Corporate Films - Post Production

Garware Wall Ropes

Oberoi Overseas Education

Star Airlines

Runathon of Hope

Sanjay Ghodawat Group

Bajaj Allianz

Corporate video content is targeted towards that company’s core selling demographics or internal employees. Corporate video production is frequently the responsibility of a marketing director or corporate communications manager.

Examples of corporate video include Corporate overview videos, staff training and safety videos, promotional/brand films, investor relations and shareholder videos,market updates, product videos, executive proposal videos, and customer testimonial video.

Apple Media Works is a proven expert in creating premium corporate films with strong narratives, enthralling visuals, and powerful sound – so you can drive you branding efforts in the right direction.

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Industrial Films

Apple Media Works has been producing high-quality Industrial Video Production for companies of all sizes. Whether you have a two-man or a 200-man business, we can help you with all of your manufacturing video needs. Our expert videographers,cinematographers, animators, writers, and editors are trained professionals in their respective fields and understand the importance of quality industrial video production for our customers.

We are huge fans of what we do and enjoy creating high-quality industrial video productions for our customers. We back our productions 100% and strive to give you the best quality productions that we possibly can. Since 2002, our top notch production teams have been producing the type of videos that you have in mind, give us a call and speak to one of our administrative experts today to see how Apple Media Works can help you with your manufacturing video needs

Bharat Transmech

Advertisement Films

Television advertising is the most massive and economical kind of promotion when our market size is larger. We research, plan and book the right television channels(whether local or national), along with right slot and programming selection to get the maximum impact in your budget. We make a complete Television commercial with include media plan, Pre-Proction, Production, Post-Production with keeping in mind your target market, target audience and of course the budget.

Arena Animation Institute

Call 108

Union Group

Feature Films

Our different types of video production and editing inclusions are

Feature Films (Post Work)

Sasucha Swayamvar

Wa!! Pahilwan

Zenda Swabhimanacha

Jungle Me Mangal


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Vanachya Sangtit

Survival to Revival

Jithe Waghanche Astitva

Hirvi Mauli

Spicer Memorial College

Vanshetratil Panlot

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Corporate presentations & AV'S

Herbayu Wellness India Pvt Ltd


Steel Live

Union Group

Bajaj Allianz


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Industrial Videos

TV commercials

Events & Wedding videos

YouTube videos

Short films

TV shows

Security of data

Companies are concerned with security of their data when they associate with a video editing service provider. Your information remains secure in our hands. We maintain exceptionally good standards of cyber security. In order to download and upload files, our video editor uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Videos are increasingly being used for marketing and thus, companies are always looking for exceptional class of video editing services from skilled professionals. In marketing, visuals convey the message strongly to the audience and opportunity to get clicks, online views and television viewership adds to their benefits. Accomplished video editors are at all times in demand.

Film DI (Colour Grading)

4K, 2K, HD, HDR and 3D stereoscopic Colour grading with DaVinci Resolve.

Bhanamati Zali

Amhi Sare Ipitar Re

Ale Ganraya


4K, 2K, HD, HDR and 3D stereoscopic Colour grading with DaVinci Resolve.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Priyanka Kundan

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ajinkya Tejswini

Pre-Wedding Shoot Amit Prajakta

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos for promotion, short films, advertisement etc.

Nakshtra Customer Review

Corporate Interview Shoot

Nikhil's Professional Beauty Studio

33rd Pune International Marathon

33rd Pune International Marathon

33rd Pune International Marathon

Nakshtra Customer Review

Apple Media Works introduced the Digital Intermediate process for full length feature films in Pune, India. 4K, 2K, HD, HDR and 3D stereoscopic Colour grading with DaVinci Resolve. Our team of industry renowned colourists have wide ranging experience in delivering, theatrical and broadcast projects.